Shrey Ravi

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Hello, I'm Shrey!

Shrey Ravi
I am the creator of WorkMode, the COVID-19 SMS Update Service, & WalkSafe. I also write (alternate) history, am a flag connoisseur, & a programmer. I'm a fan of my dog, Rocky, and do amateur standup comedy (emphasis on the amateur).

What Does Shrey Do?

Programmer (WorkMode, COVID-19 SMS Update, WalkSafe, etc.)

I love to make tools and products that solve problems I see every day. This includes WorkMode, a Chrome Extension I made to block time-wasting websites that has 20,000+ users today, and WalkSafe, a personal safety app. I also created a COVID-19 SMS Update Service during the pandemic.

You can see my projects on my GitHub here.

What About Fun?

Amateur Standup Comedy

Emphasis on the amateur. I started going to open mic nights in Summer 2019 and am aiming to perform and record my Tight Five routine to post online.

Flag Connoisseur

I'm a member of NAVA (North American Vexillological Association), the largest group on flag design. Click here to read about my ramblings on flags.


I write a lot, especially on history, politics, business, and general life lessons I've picked up. I also maintain a Reading Hall of Fame.